Sunday, 25 March 2012

Do not fret my dearest soul

My heart grows discontent with my actions,
Whilst my nafs commands the opposite,
O Soul torn in fractions,
Don't be a hypocrite.
For how long must I fight?
Darkness has engulfed me for too long,
Awaken then before you lose all your might,
Strive to be of the strong.
No matter how many battles you lose,
The war is not lost,
With struggle comes the cruise,
But without it much it will cost.
For how long will the wretched with me play?
This is not for me a game,
No longer will I be for them an easy prey,
Nor am I for them to tame.
I have changed the tide,
After much toil and turmoil,
Yet there is the hint of pride,
To me Lord is my recoil!

In prison is my soul,
Whilst here though refinement is my aim,
Until I leave by the prison's hole,
Return to the One due to whom I came.
O Changer of Hearts,
Grant me gnosis and sincerity,
Teach me the great and noble arts,
Reward me with prosperity.
You transgress with such impunity,
But remember the day inevitable,
Thither you shall have no immunity,
So I covet His Mercy that is unassailable.
The path laid is distinct and clear,
With certitude and perseverance it is pervious,
Free from all smear,
Whilst those who avoid it are devious.
I see everywhere death,
Though those people still breathe and talk,
As cities become like heath,
Whilst they delight and walk.
O those who covert themselves with glamour and gloss,
Caring only for the outward complexion,
Only if you realised your loss,
You would leave people and be full of reflection.
For this world many I did exceed,
For the next I have not,
Many advices I did not heed,
Though tightens around me the knot.
O Succour of the weak,
O Best Friend in whom I have hope,
I am of the weak,
By myself I cannot cope.
At the states of people I feel unimaginable sorrow,
Feel it I must,
Hoping it will be better in the morrow,
O my Protector, remove from their hearts all dust.
The states of the people I feel,
They are a part of me,
When will their hearts heal?
Oh it pains to see.
O people, against temptations resist,
Such a command is for me and you dire,
From the Lord's commands do not desist,
Our souls are not for hire.
Do you think you will be tested?
In this world you will not be rested,
If you have in this world good deeds invested,
In next with garments of honour you shall be vested.
To thee my Lord I present my needs,
Thine aid sufficeth me,
Though I have not prepared many deeds,
I hope to swim in your Generosity's unquenchable sea.
I stand in awe of One Most Pure,
Perceiving His wisdom in what He wills,
For the hearts He is the Eternal Cure,
In Him is my refuge from the world's ills.
The nightingales sing with euphony,
Praising the One who beautified their voices,
I marvel at such perfect symphony,
To their Creator my heart rejoices.

O my tongue, how much damage will you do?
Because of you I have immersed in great debt,
Like you are planning against me a coup,
For my safety of my lasting soul I fret.
Good deeds I do procrastinate,
Whilst involved in the worldly delusions,
For this perplexity I seek a ratiocinate,
Surely from my purpose it is an elusion.
Though more of the world I see,
My heart does not find gratification,
It seeks to drink from an eternal sea,
Indeed in the remembrance of Allah is ratification.
In my Beloved's remembrance my heart finds peace,
Who can explain how I feel?
I cannot stay in one piece,
If it was not for this meal.
Indeed there lies my heart's repose,
But how can I achieve more?
That is the question to pose,
By achieving paradise is the answer for sure.

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